What is a Free Crypto Lottery

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What is a Member Generated Free Crypto Lottery ?

Basically think about it this way ..... if all industry growth & expansion is driven by advertising which is funded by marketing departments from various companies within a specific market interests, in our case its funded by Decentralized Cryptocurrency, Token Developer Groups & Foundations, which include Crypocurrencies that have a "Decentralized Governance" model. Then, if the Members from RewardsinCrypto.com increase in number & if that creates a value proposition for those Cryptocurrencies & Tokens then they will register, visit, support & fund the Next Free Crypto Lottery.


What is the Crypto Lottery Solution ?

As we all know "it's about the numbers", e.g the number of Anonymous Visitors, Registered Members, Number of Visits, Number of Posts, Promotional Take Up Rate, etc etc, the list goes on. Now that we know what are the important numbers, we can work out how & where the next "Free Crypto Lottery" can get its funding from in order to have give aways on a Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly basis from a which a winner is generated randomly via a site algorithm ?


How is the Crypto Lottery Winner Drawn ?

As Registered Members login & make Posts they automatically get entered into the next Free Crypto Lottery as of the Start Date, e.g most Free Crypto Lotteries run for 5 Days & they have a Start Date & Finish Date, thus for a Member to be eligible needs to Login & make a Post at some point during that 5 Day time frame & after the Finish Date an algorithm will generate a random Winner & that Winner is then emailed a Confirmation to Accept.

Members who have received an email notifying them as Crypto Lottery Winners will need to claim & accept the winnings by clicking a link in the email & go to a Webpage where the Member needs to click on the Claim Button. Once claimed all winnings are sent to the winners Public Wallet Address that they provide. 

Please Note: Free Crypto Lottery Winnings will expire in 30 Days from the date of Finishing if the Winner does NOT Claim their prize / Win by clicking the link within the Email sent to them & Submitting the Claim Button on the Web Page. 

** Also for the Winnings to be process & payment to be finalised the Winning Member needs to provide a Payment Address to their Public Wallets Receive Address.


Crypto of the Month

All Free Crypto Lottery Winnings are paid out in the "Crypto of the Month" & needs to be formally claimed by clicking an email sent to winners.

You can Enter the "Free Crypto Lottery" just Login & make a Post 


We also have a "Lucky Draw" which NOT part of the "Free Crypto Lottery".

Please don't get the two confused, the Lucky Draw is like a Lucky Door Prize & when the Lucky Draw image Pops Up just click on the image & you will be awarded the prize.

(image below is just an example)